Why is my hair breaking (Crown breakage)

Hair breaking can be very upsetting or it could be nothing. One strand of hair breaking, no problem. But, when it is small chunks breaking in sections of your hair like your edges or in

Hair breaking can be very upsetting or it could be nothing. One strand of hair breaking, no problem. But, when it is small chunks breaking in sections of your hair like your edges or in my case my crown this can be devastating.

I first noticed this years ago when I was relaxed. I thought bad relaxer. Then I cut my hair to the level of the breakage and decided to go natural and It did a lot better in its natural state. Then I went back and relaxed it or more like softened it with the relaxer after 3 years . Big mistake because my hair that was now bra strap length started to break again and this time very noticeably at my crown with the two different textures separating at their weakest point ;where my natural hair started and the relaxed part of the hair continued. I cut my hair again.

Now, what section of my head is my crown. the very top of it. the very part I can not see even with a mirror. I have read that blood flow to your crown is not a priority in the larger skim of things in your body, meaning nutrients needed to grow hair can sometimes be in short supply at the crown area. More so the older you get. So, this section of hair can get deprived. From my research, there are certain specific reasons why hair might break at the crown and they can also be same reasons why hair breaks at any part of your head. Some of these reason are;


When styling, washing or combing, hair can be subjected to tension, which can cause breaking in the area where the tension is. An action like sectioning hair in fours and holding it with hair grips can be responsible for the crown area to break. This was the situation in my case amongst other issues. Using unsuitable combs like small tooth combs also can cause tension. Tight pleats and Hair grips that can snag at hair will cause tension leading to breakage in areas that are affected. Tension can be reduced by developing a gentle hand in dealing with your hair and also by patronising a hair stylist that knows the importance of gentle hair practises.

Chemical Exposure:

By applying hair dyes , colour treatments and hair relaxers we expose our hair to chemicals which if not used carefully and in moderation will weaken the hair. These Hair Chemicals are very harsh and slowly compromise the integrity of the your hair shaft resulting in breakage . In my years of using a relaxer, I noticed that my crown was always the section in my head that always broke and had fly-away’s. I also noticed that my crown area was the most sensitive, so the scalp would burn on many occasions. Which made me decide to completely stop using relaxers and start my natural hair journey. And what a journey it has been.

Texture Difference:

Many times a person’s head of hair is not the same texture through out especially in Afro textured hair. Using mine as an example, it is very coarse in my crown area and therefore, it very easily breaks. Moisture retention and product absorption also differs because of this texture difference. This means that my crown area requires more moisture, cream and oil put into it for it to remain moisturised for a week. the other parts of my hair would not need as much. The resulting effect is that treating a head of hair with one method and product application , will not cater for the different strands that have a variance in texture.

Heat Tools/Heat styling:( using direct heat on hair)

Hair dryers, Curling irons, Straighteners are all tools that use heat to alter the state our hair and make it straight, or have a bigger and smoother curl, though it looks pretty, using heat on hair can be very damaging. When hair is straightened or curled with a heat tool the moisture in the hair is removed and hair that is lacking in moisture is prone to breaking. Also, hair that is heat damaged is prone to breaking as well and can not be fixed. It can only be cut off and regrown. Still on the topic of heat, blow drying dripping wet hair is a very damaging practice to hair. As a lot of heat is required to get the hair dry thereby exposing the strands to a prolonged amount of heat that drys out hair and reduces the integrity of the hair.

Constant Manipulation:

Afro textured hair is not the hair type that thrives when it is manipulated constantly. By manipulation I mean combing ,fluffing and touching your hair continuously . Restyling your hair everyday also falls under this. For many Afro textured hair the best practise is to put hair away after washing into a style that will remain for a least 3 days or for a full week and even better, for weeks where your hair strands are tucked in and put away from you touching it or feeling the need to comb it into some style on a daily basis.

Not getting regular trims:

The major reason for trimming your hair is to get rid of split ends. what are split ends your may ask? These happen at the very tip of your hair strands, where the hair shaft is as the name implies split into two or more sections, so instead of having just a clean cut to the tip its in splits causing your hair to form more knots and these splits will travel down the hair shaft if not cut off . Causing hair that looked full and luscious to start to look spacey. The best treatment of split ends is to cut them clean off, and this should be done on a regular basis. That decision should be made by you looking critically at your hair ends and deciding when it needs to be trimmed.

Deep conditioning your hair regularly:

The job of the deep conditioner is to give your hair the necessary nutrients it needs to keep it in its best condition. So, it is strengthened, supple ,elastic and moisturised making it less likely to break. Also, it is important to deep condition considering the different textures in your head of hair. Sections that are dryer should get a little more product than areas that are less dry. Also the type of deep conditioner should be chosen according to the needs of your hair. Consult with a knowledgeable hair stylist if you do not know what to do.


Vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss I have come to find out. Vitamin D deficiency in particular has been linked to alopecia which is severe hair loss that can be reversible or irreversible. Other deficiencies are Iron , B12 these are also linked to hair loss, hair quality. Calcuim deficiency linked to hair integrity. The importance of maintaining your health is essential to having beautiful hair. Many times when we begin to question the amount of hair we are losing, it is best to first eliminate the question of our health first before we start to look at our hair care practises. Once our health is not in question fixing our hair care practises is the easy part.


Hair loss or hair thinning is directly related to stress. If you have ever noticed your hair falling off take note of the season it is happening. I am positive one reason you will notice is you where in a very stressful period in your life. The only way to fix this is to remove yourself from the stressful situation or to approach things in a way that reduces your stress.

Every point I made in this blog was at one point in time responsible for my own hair loss, and like I said earlier in this blog post I had to research and observe my hair and my life in other to fix things and get my hair on the mending path. Like many journeys, this has taken a while and I still have sections in my crown area significantly shorter than other sections . What I have been doing is every two months I trim all sections of my hair and taking more off the longer sides than from the crown so it is slowly leveling out. As I love my Afro to be even in length.

Let me hear from you if you have at one point had to deal with your hair breaking. Also how did you deal with this breakage.

Please share any tips or products that have helped you.

If you want a products I have used to deal with this situation , also comments will be appreciated.

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  1. To be frank I have never really had hair loss. My natural hair was just too coarse I had to cut it all off as relaxing wasn’t even solving anything. Right now, I only wash and continuing. I find Shear Moisture products amazing.

  2. Hi Aghogo
    I love your diaries your absolutely a wonderful person yet have soooo many dreams and fantasies to come true

    Please include me and the time we spent together 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    God bless

  3. The article is really informative and I have taken some cues from it as I have natural hair and looking for ways to treat my hair.
    Thanks Aghogho.

  4. Great reading and interesting to get another perspective. Every child is different, every child learns differently and every child grows with love and support in all aspects of life. As a mum of three, I can relate to your experience. Look forward to reading more interesting blogs x

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