Wembley Arena; me being involved in my child’s life.

This weekend I was at a Korean boy group concert with both of my daughters. Now, why am I at a Korean boy band concert, you might ask? My daughters, both love this group BTS

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This weekend I was at a Korean boy group concert with both of my daughters. Now, why am I at a Korean boy band concert, you might ask? My daughters, both love this group BTS and this group have made history by becoming the first South Korean group to headline Wembley Stadium. When it was announced that the, group was coming to the UK ( their first concert was at the O2 arena last year), my girls both asked and pleaded for tickets, we tried to get tickets and we were amazed as the tickets where sold out in 10 mins. Shocked and a bit disappointed I was for my girls, who couldn’t get tickets. Four months later we heard the group was coming back and this time they were coming to the Wembley Arena. We were like, this time we had to get tickets. the good news was we did. yeah!… Now, I am just a de facto fan of this group, I have heard songs from the group and been updated on the concert and other things about this group from my girls. Months turn to days and the day came 1st of June.

At Wembley Arena.

For me this past week has been one of the busiest in my business this year, this particular Saturday was so busy that my day started at 6:30am at the studio. Adding to this busy schedule, I had to take the younger girl to the concert by 6pm as her adult supervisor. With things being so busy, I found myself in the position of possibly causing my daughter disappointment. As we did not leave Chingford station until 6:10 pm, which meant we were cutting it really close. I discovered something new about my third child and second daughter. She hated being late. Throughout the journey to Wembley she was constantly looking at her phone, checking with her sister and Friends who had already gone ahead. 

Fast forward, and we get to Wembley park station . We rush towards the arena. She was power walking and I was running/jogging behind, panting after her and like 10 paces away. Saying to myself ‘am too old for this, running after a teenager to a concert’, I wondered the purpose of this torture of an experience getting to a destination.  The entrance we were meant to go in through, seemed too far and impossible to get to. As I realised how un-fit I am. She would stop (my daughter) and call out ‘Mum!’… from the sound of things the concert was about to start and she was concerned the doors would close. Haa! We got there just in time, settled into our sits and the concert starts.  I am sweaty and hot and so thirsty . Meanwhile, my daughter is all excited and she’s engaged instantly joining in all the singing along.

I looked around spotting all the parents there with children . Some like me who have become genuine BTS fans and those who have been dragged there probably kicking and screaming. Thinking to myself, ‘the things we do to be part of our children’s life.’ In my opinion, its good parenting to be involved in your children’s life. To know their interests and spend time doing things they like. It helps to be part of your child’s interest and you are able to share precious moments with them before they are all grown up and out of your house.

So, this is to all the parents out there, who get directly involved in their children’s interests. It is not easy. #amumjournies signing off. Please comment and share any moment you have had to experience some physical discomfort to be part of your child’s life and subscribe to be notified of new post.






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