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We went in January. Now, lets back up a little bit, this trip all started with a letter in the post, a while back before we actually went. Picked up this letter and opened it,

View of the pool from the back garden to apartment.

We went in January. Now, lets back up a little bit, this trip all started with a letter in the post, a while back before we actually went. Picked up this letter and opened it, read it and thought really! It said I had won a trip to any destination of my choice from a resort time-share club, how I got it, I had no clue whatsoever. It said that I could either go with my whole family or go with my hubby. Eventually, we decided to go on our anniversary week. It was the first time ever travelling with-out the children.

The day came and we had an early flight to Malaga, got to the airport  (Stansted) on time and it was a very busy morning, clearing security took so much time, we had to rush towards the boarding gates because our flight was already boarding passengers , we made a run for it quickly checked the screens for the boarding gate and got on the shuttle towards it. Got out of the shuttle and looked at the screen again, guess what? we had miss-read the gate number. We tried to find our way to the correct gate, but it was too late ,we watched our plane taxi away and fly off. We had two choices, go home or buy another ticket for a later flight, we decided to buy another ticket. Don’t want to even get started on how much more the new tickets cost. We had our minds set on going away, so we had to make it work. This flight was for much later in the day, we decided to stay at the airport, did not want any repeats, if it meant we were the first passengers on this next plane , that would be fine with me. We just spent the time talking and looking for things to laugh at the whole situation. It was a nice time bonding with hubby. You don’t realise how much distractions you have in your everyday, until it’s just the two of you.

Finally, we get to Malaga airport, the pick- up service was there waiting for us, I smiled when I saw a paper card with our name written on it like in the movies. It was dark outside now, which meant the drive to the resort we couldn’t really see much. Checked in and we were shown to our apartment. It was a 1 bedroom that could sleep 4. Its decor was very Spanish with solid wooden finishes and the apartment was spacious and spotlessly clean. A quick look around and a few pictures taken to show the children in the morning and we settled in to bed. I was swiftly asleep and the bed was so comfortable. The morning after was a Sunday, so I stayed in bed and just lay there, loving the fact I did not have to rush anywhere. We had a well come pack in the refrigerator that we could use and pay for later, A gift of a bottle of wine and an anniversary card signed by the manager was waiting for us. I was very impressed a passing comment on the choice of our dates was noted. We ended up with 3 bottles of wine, being the only one that drank alcohol I could not finish them in the time away.

Views from our walk around the resort.

We spent a lot of time walking on the beach, walking through the town of Fuengirola, shopping at the nearby mall and at a very scenic street market we had to walk an hour to. That way, we got to really see the town intimately . Dining at local spots and taking lots of photos of the beautiful beach occupied our days. We had a gorgeous hot tub in the back garden of our apartment, so we spent an afternoon soaking in it and just talking. The resort was out to impress us as part of the free deal was an afternoon with them to try sell us a time share package. However, we stuck with our trial package till it recently expired.

Then we were back to gloomy foggy London.

Coming back, this time with the children.

Second trip to Malaga was a family one, this time we picked a really awkward timing for the flights on BA, but with more luggage space and a rental car. Got to Malaga airport in the morning round about 9 am, so we could take in the views driving from the airport, the motorway we passed through, had very  hilly and rocky scenery, that morning was very sunny and bright. Getting closer to the resort, we began to catch sight of the beach as we drove by.

It was April this time, the weather was a lot warmer than our last visit. But, still not as warm as it would be in high season. We had hoped for the children’s sake the water parks would have opened. But, we where just too early by 3 weeks, to when they actually open. We kept them busy with museums on the rainy days and yes it rained in sunny Spain for 2 days out of the 8 days we were there for. Lucky for me, the children are pretty grown and I only had to deal with a sulky teenage boy who found almost everything as boring anyway. Also, thank goodness for good wifi at the resort, which kept him quiet watching whatever he does on his phone.

Rocky section of the beach.

We did lots of shopping, discovered another street market, walked down the beach almost the full length of it, chilling on the beach talking and laughing . Highlights for me was visiting Malaga city and visiting Picasso’s family home. On this trip we learnt more about the history of Malaga. A visit learning the culture and heritage of a place can be quite interesting, if you are a history enthusiast like me. I had brought in some of my creations in my fashion business and did a mini photo shoot with my lovely daughter as photographer, the coastline presented so much to photograph as well. Overall, we loved Spain, even cooking my least favourite thing to do was fun in this self-catering apartment. May be, because we were on holiday and we only had to cook some meals. Would I go back again? Yes, would I recommend you travel to Spain and to be precise Visit Fuengirola? Definitely. I think, the next time I would go to Spain, I will try in high season or maybe when they have their festivals at Christmas and Easter. Just so I see how busy it becomes, also to be able to swim in the sea (was too cold to swim for me).

Beach front

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Enjoy my photo gallery of Spain.

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