Tenerife: A Winter Birthday Escape. (memory)

Every opportunity to travel for me is one I immediately grab. Picture my excitement when a family member said to me, we were going to Tenerife for her 40th. I didn’t need persuading, instantly I

Every opportunity to travel for me is one I immediately grab. Picture my excitement when a family member said to me, we were going to Tenerife for her 40th. I didn’t need persuading, instantly I was all packed up in my mind; sun hat on my head, suitcase rolling behind me, off to the airport ready to go. The trip was in 5 months, but I was so excited.

Instantly, I went online to do my research about Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, off West Africa. Now, that was a surprise to me, the West African part that is, as I never knew that the Spanish still had colonies in Africa. Costa Adeje southern Tenerife was where she choose for us to visit, it is a great holiday destination. South coast of the canary islands has an abundance of five star hotels and five star villas to rent. Meaning it was quite popular, I read some-where that the Beckhams favour this part of Spain as their holiday destination. Tenerife is warm all year round, December to March is peak travel at the southern beaches. It was strange for me that I didn’t need to plan much regarding the hotel and travel arrangements, cause the celebrant did all the research; where we would stay, how much it would cost, what type of package, the works.

Scibble on the sand .

We had planned to travel on the same flight, so we could start the party from the airport. I have to commend our lovely hostess for her attention to detail. She chose a brand-new hotel that had just opened up and had special discount offers. This hotel in my opinion had to be classed as five-star, it was an ultra-modern building that had enclosed areas as well as open corridors that l lead to the rooms we were assigned to, it had beautiful dining areas where we had our breakfast as well as dinner as we had a half board package.  It also had the balcony bar area with an infinity pool that looked over the street. The hotel had a beautiful Spa area, a tennis court and two magnificent pool areas for the guest to enjoy.

Our hotel …..

The journey to Tenerife was about four hours thirty minutes form Stansted Airport, although we didn’t sit together in  the  flight the laughter and party spirit definitely started from the airport as we walked through to board. We arrived at Tenerife airport and we had to wait for two members of our party crew to arrive on the flight after ours coming from Gatwick airport. Fourteen ladies at Tenerife airport and the laughter continued with jokes and banter thrown back and forth. Then into our transfer bus to the hotel.

We were amazed by the very modern building and the reception we got was amazing, sangrias on arrival and we were checked-in swiftly and shown our rooms. We paired up, which meant we had 7 rooms, we were all very impressed with the look and the gorgeousness of the rooms. It had a living room space with lovely deco, a shower room with toilet and bidet at the entrance of the room, then a bathroom with a toilet and bidet in a separate space, the bedroom had two giant double beds which meant we each had our own bed. Glass doors lead to the balcony that over looked the pool area, and the well built up scenery of hotels was our views, to the right in a distance we had hills to look at and to the left in a distance we had the views of the beach. The hotel was 8 minutes to the beach and 2 minutes to a mall. The excitement at the prospect of shopping was thrilling.

Corridors to our rooms, Ready for the day.

This was a nice surprise; it was a surprise because she had not shared the details of what to expect regarding the hotel accommodation, I just believed it would be a good one, but it turned out great! I decided to take a quick nap before dinner when we were expected to be told our itinerary for the weekend. Feeling well rested and freshly showered, my roommate and I made our way to the restaurant. So much laughter and photography sessions that evening, we had cocktails on the skyline bar and dancing, which we moved to one of our suites to continue the fun for the night. The hotel wasn’t in full capacity as it was new and the high session had not started in full. The staff in the hotel knew that a group of ladies came to their establishment, because we were a large and very loud party.

Morning came the next day and I was up early, out for a walk down the broad walk towards the beach, 6am was still dark with the sun peeping around the horizon waiting to show its bright shining face. The broad walk had early risers like my roommate and I; runners, walkers and dog walkers all looking to get some of the sunrise and sea air. We walked for what seemed like an hour and enjoyed the cool breeze that softly touched and kissed our skins. It was just pure pleasure knowing that we had exchanged the cold sharp winds of winter in the UK for this.

Sunrise , on my early morning walk.

Scheduled for the next day was shopping and a walk to the beach, that was after a group breakfast with a very lively group of ladies, joking and laughing about anything and everything, more photos as a group and individuals to capture memorable moments. The fun continued. We split into groups to check out the shops in the nearby shopping area, it was close to the beach at one end, and our hotel on the other. The mall had a few well known, European clothing shops and other local shops offering a few items of fashion, gift items and souvenirs. I love buying fridge magnets everywhere I go to. So, I was on the look-out for those as we strolled through the mall. The warmth of the afternoon was pleasant and very welcome. The saying ‘time flies when you are having fun’ is so true because all too soon we were back in the dining room having dinner with the other lovely ladies. All dolled up ready for the birthday celebration of the lovely lady who called us together. The Hotel arranged a separate section of the restaurant and gave us a long table decorated particularly for us and the chef had made a very lovely cake for the celebrant. There was wine service at the table and 3 waiting staff attended to our every need. It was a lovely evening and we carried it on to a night club to party till the early hours of the morning. A very memorable night it was.

The beach.

Next day was a spa day, the spa at the hotel offered massage, dry sauna, steam rooms and a lovely massage pool, and pleasant and tranquil area. Lovely soothing music surrounded us as we were called in pairs to get our massage. We spent the afternoon just enjoying the spa and very good company. That night was another party, this time in one of the suites in our pyjama and robes. Next day I was living very early and thought to myself this was what you call fun. This was my first girl’s trip and I was sold. Ready to pack my bags for the next adventure with the girls again.

All the Ladies .
The Beach

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    1. yes it was a fantastic destination and it sold me on going on girls trips. I have been on two other girls trips and they were fun. An opportunity to let down your hair.

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