Surviving the lockdown.

When talks of this lock down came into play, I was foolishly hoping it would not happen, that the government had somehow put in preventive measures I wasn’t aware of, towards keeping people in the

A pen drawing from my Lockdown gallery

When talks of this lock down came into play, I was foolishly hoping it would not happen, that the government had somehow put in preventive measures I wasn’t aware of, towards keeping people in the UK safe. Apart from just making us aware of washing our hands and social distancing. I have to confess I was very naive about how serious this pandemic was. Considering I had just travelled to America and I kind of felt a bit let down by how relaxed things seemed at the airports leaving the UK and also entering the United states . It just seemed too relaxed. My thoughts were that, there should have been temperature checks at the airport and travellers from affected areas should have been sent to quarantine with an official letter and some sort of safely transporting them directly to their homes. But, so much needs to be considered (fundamental human rights ) I am guessing, which didn’t make measures like that an option. Hmm?…

Any how, we are here now in a quarantine, how are you coping? how am I coping? To give you a clear picture, my quarantine is with a lovely husband , two adult children, one teenager and one pre- teen. So, a very full house. I am glad to tell you I am coping pretty well guys. It does help that I am an introvert, one who loves staying home and because of my nature chilling at home is actually a normal for me. Now, having this advantage still doesn’t remove the fact that a compulsory situation changes things completely . With all out door activities being limited to just exercise and food shopping. I find am feeling differently about being indoors but making the best of things with these tips am about to share.

All dressed up to go shopping

Food Shopping:

Having a pretty large family in today’s standard means that shopping has to be done at least once a week. Usually, I would be very casually dressed, jeans, a top or T shirt and a jacket in winter. Mind you I don’t like food shopping , notice the emphasis on the food. So, for me to get some excitement to go out to shop for groceries, I decided that I would dress up and look put together to make the going out worthwhile. Which means before a trip to the shops, I would take some time to plan my out fit. Sometimes, using Pinterest to coordinate the whole look. Pretty Superficial you might say, but please don’t judge me, just trying to keep sane here.

Eating more green and vegs

Exercise/ Trying to eat right:

Being in this situation where your whole world has been restricted to the walls of your house and maybe a garden, balcony and a walk or run activity a day. I discovered that taking a few minutes of my day to just randomly start dancing to music usually before my shower time has been very uplifting and fun. I just put on my afro jam or any dance music and dance rigorously for minutes till I feel sweat dripping and then do a few stretches before that shower. This, I find makes me feel very energetic afterwards. Also, I have been doing sessions of floor exercises that target my problem areas; doing squats, core exercises, planks etc, sometimes following a work out video on you tube. These, help me feel active daily dose of much needed endorphines. Taking walks now and again has also been very useful to relieve that coped up feeling, and going food shopping which I normally dislike has now become another way to get some steps in. Following this with an attempt to eat the right things and at the right time has me dreaming and hope for that beach ready body (laughing).


Rest is very important in this world of ours where the rat race is endless. This quarantine has given us the opportunity to press that reset button and rest is a major factor of that. In the early days of the season I took time to un- apologetically rest and sleep. Starting my day much later than usual, my normal day starts at 5:30 am now I wake up when ever, but my body clock seems to be always awake before 8am every day. However, I don’t rush out of bed.

Couple Quality Time:

Not rushing out of bed gives me time to chat with my husband in the mornings, this is time we would never have had before this shut down. A normal morning when not on holidays would be either of us rushing to get ready to do the school run or me rushing to work when I have a school contract. So, a chilled start to the day is only left for weekends. Also, hubby travels a lot for business, making time together very precious to both of us when he is around. Thankfully, he came back home at the nick of time before the travel ban was implemented. Spending time discussing our interests to each other, watching movies together and recommending must sees . Also, sending videos that make us laugh to each other while having a cuddle can be really funny. Sometimes, including the children in the fun by sending it to the family group chat. Its also very important to us to spend time praying together for our world and for this particular situation.

Cake by my daughter and third child, how she spends her time.

Quality time with the Children:

‘You alright’ ? Is usually the start for mommy asking to spend time with the young adult or child the question is directed at, my children know. This would usually end up being a chat session of a few minutes up to hours of sharing and bonding with the lucky or unlucky child that got my attention that time (Laughing). Sometimes, it would end up with a child sharing a movies or talking about a book or drawing that had their interest. In this season I have learnt more about what interests my children and what things they enjoy doing. Also, the compulsory family time my hubby has insisted on, at least trice a week has made us as a family play an online qizz app as one of the activities we have enjoyed. Other times we watch a show that everyone has enjoyed on netflix or just chat about things in general encouraging them to always look to self improvement.

Self Improvement:

I don’t know about you, but is it only me that feels that some days seem to be flying bye and others not so much? At the beginning I was like ,okay! I have so much time on hand need to make good use of it and I wrote down all the things I could do to improve myself and improve how I run things in my business ; write more in my blog, pick up new courses, write a business plan, so many things. I am making efforts; don’t worry. Some things are going smoothly but others not as planned. I believe its still a good idea to try. I am determined that at the end of this there would be some tangible reward of the progress I have made.

In Conclusion, there is just so much time on hand that I feel compelled to make the effort to use this time to be as productive as possible. taking things nice and slow or as fast as my mind wants to work. I am also encouraging my children and hubby in this . I believe if any thing is worth doing, do it to your very best. Meaning, if a day feels like I want to spend it in deep conversation with my secondary alumni groups, I will spend it that way, in conversations that will be up lifting to everyone. If, the day calls for serious work on my blog and pushing this influencing dream forward and my business forward, then am going to be putting time into doing what it takes, because one major thing I have learnt from life is that, it is too short to not do what makes you happy and what could make a positive impact in another persons life in however small a way.

Please share what things your are doing to help you survive the current and very present situation. Comment on what you are doing in the comment section please and do subscribe as well.

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Drawing by my baby boy the 11 year old.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. Enjoying the lockdown by having a full house when I and my hubby are not working ., late waking up and lots of family time dancing, exercising, movies and catching up with updates and everyone’s interest.
    Unfortunately, I and my hubby are both frontline workers.
    Cool drawing by your son.

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