My, Algarve Portugal, Dream come true part 2

As we couldn’t make out much of the resort in the dark, we went in the apartment. It was close to 1 am now. A quick look around the room and the bathroom set up

Views from my balcony, not fantastic right?

As we couldn’t make out much of the resort in the dark, we went in the apartment. It was close to 1 am now. A quick look around the room and the bathroom set up and we were in bed. Waking up in a new place for me is always very exciting, I am like a child on Christmas morning. I rushed to the slide doors that lead to the balcony to see what views this resort had for me. It was a little disappointing at first but, after I had drunk in the cool fresh air and the blue blue skies, I started to take in the sights of the reddish- brown slate roofs and grey roofs on the white painted Mediterranean architecture mixed in with the green shrubbery. I began to see the beauty of the views before me, even the construction site looked interesting and I pondered on the reasons people build the way they do. With a rumble in my tummy, I walked back into the apartment and I wondered what the contents of the welcome pack was. Breakfast was decided after viewing the contents of the fridge and the basket: Omelettes for two, warmed bread rolls and a cup of tea for hubby and instant coffee for me.

Carvoeiro beach

Shopping was next on the agenda. I made sure to have a cardigan and a jacket with me as January- though sunny has very chilly gentle winds blowing intermittently through-out the day. A drive down the valley to the town centre for some fresh produce was what we decided on. This was down narrow sloppy roads with 45-degree gradient also, you had to drive on the other side of the road; a daunting task for a less confident driver, so I left all the driving to the Mr. The drive was about 10 minutes to the town centre, soon we started to see rows of coffee shops, gift shops, convenience stores selling fruit, veg, and provisions and so many estate agent’s offices. ‘ I wondered why? ‘ We went in  one of the shops and picked up a couple of things for dinner, then a drive around the town to know where things were. We made our way back to the apartment after a short turn around the town ,to spend some time together.

 Carvoeiro is a little hilly town, with tiny bendy roads. It is in the municipality of Lagoa, Algarve Region in Portugal.

Driving around was easy as the roads were free of traffic, which I understand from the locals is normal in low season. The Algarve has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and visiting in January meant we had cool breezy mornings which warmed up to about 21 degrees by mid-day on two of the days we were there. We spent evenings taking walks down to the town centre which had a few restaurants that opened all year round, the others only opened in high season. We always took the scenic routes which provided beautiful views to photograph.

Views taken from one of our strolls.

On two of the days, we drove to Portimao a city close to Carvoeiro. Which had a shopping mall and most of the major shops to visit. Portimao at this time of the year had a sleepy feel to it. We had travelled through a very free sub-motorway to calm city streets that are quite narrow as you drive towards the city centre and the older part of the city. Which meant street parking was very difficult to find. One great positive was the mall had free parking in abundance. Which meant we didn’t have to think about the hours we spent at the mall. For me that was a lovely prospect. We strolled through shop after shop. Time went by nicely, with some gift shopping done for the children. Then we had a nice meal at a carvery as my hubby loves meat. There are many other things to do in this city with a very rich history; Boating clubs, yachting clubs and the historical sardine making factory, besides shopping if that’s not your thing.

Boat trip along the coastline and caves.

The best decision we made was to go on a boat trip to the caves, we had booked it the day before with the resort manager. We came down to the beach early, for our appointment of 11am. I was so excited. The speed boat was pushed out to the water by six men, they arranged tyres underneath the boat and pushed it to the water edge, then we were asked to get on and we held on and with a final push the waves came in and we were thrust into the water and off the boat went. Our boating companions where a Canadian couple who were planning on spending 3 weeks exploring the Algarve. The boat ride was very slow to begin with, we explored the coastline taking in the gorgeous jades and blues of the water. The rocks with their different layers of colours; dark browns, purples and caramels presented themselves to us, we marvelled at the shapes cut by the powerful waves, the cracks and the depth of the many caves that we visited , I was amazed by the caves that had massive holes that looked out to the sky which was a bright blue and filled with fluffy clouds on the day. the boat trip was about an hour. The journey back was faster and very thrilling, I had to make sure I held on tight, as the boat was very fast.

One of the Marvels of Nature and its processes.

Choosing a destination and planning for a trip never completely prepares you for what you will encounter when you arrive. There will be decisions influenced by what you see on ground, the weather can play a major role. Thankfully, we had lovely calm weather throughout our stay and my highlights for this trip to the Algarve was the boat ride to visit the caves and the beautiful coastline, our visit to the lighthouse and the lovely romantic walks to the town centre through the scenic route that provided so many photos. If you are looking for a sea side holiday, the Algarve is one that has so much to offer from its exciting views of the coves , cliffs , caves and the caramel sandy beaches cut out by the powerful waves and the clear blue waters. For a family, the best time to visit would be in high season which is between June to August or just before high season. When its warm temperatures all day and all the water parks, local restaurants, shops are fully open but be sure to book early to take advantage of offers. For all the photography enthusiasts the Algarve is one that offers so much diversity from its picturesque towns to its coastline that your cameras will be wishing it could shoot itself.

Take in the colours of the water and the rocks, truly beautiful.

For more inspiring pictures of the Algarve trip, go over to our instagram @a.mumjournies.

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  1. Definitely sounds like a place to add to my Europe list! Well done A. Looking forward to hearing more especially fashion/ natural hair advice!.

    1. Thanks Ren, It is a place to visit. I would suggest a long visit as its views are spectacular. I wish i had planned a two week visit. To be able to see round the coastline of the Algarve. xx

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