Best Travel Apps- The Essential Apps You Need Before You Travel.

Yes, You are probably going to say more apps again? But, there some types of apps that are absolutely essential to a person who travels often. Considering we have come to be dependent so much

Before you Travel

Yes, You are probably going to say more apps again? But, there some types of apps that are absolutely essential to a person who travels often. Considering we have come to be dependent so much on our phones in our everyday life, these types of apps probably are already on there, and You just haven’t really considered how useful they are when on holiday or on a trip.

Now, these types of apps I would be pointing out to you have very specific uses as you travel and they make life so much easier helping your journey planning considerably smoother. Making them essential apps to have on your device when travelling. My top 5 best travel apps categories are as follows and they are listed according to how important they are to me.

1 Airline Apps

2 Google Maps App

3 Banking Apps

4 Money transfer Apps

5 Transport Apps

Airline Apps

Airline apps are playing a massive role in eliminating much of the stress that comes with airline travel. The ability of getting and accessing your boarding pass on your device can be so convenient. They also make it easier to navigate airports and give you up to date information of the status of your flight. Making them for me one of the best travel apps.

Airlines adopted apps quickly as it allows them to offer travellers incentives that build customer loyalty. I use my Airline Apps to both purchase tickets and also improve my travel experience. By explicitly knowing my baggage allowance with the convenience of being able to just check my phone to know what weight and size of luggage am allowed, has made my parking easier and more efficient. British Airways , Emirates and Ryanair to mention a few airline essential apps I have on my phone. Which help me to decide when buying tickets to destinations.

Google Maps:

Navigating the streets of a new destination can be very challenging especially when driving without a Sat nav in the car, this is when Google maps comes to save the day. It is for me, one of the best travel apps. Google maps currently covers a street to street view of over 104 countries. This is fundamentally important as travelling to destinations and exploring on your own with out a guide, requires that you are able to go to places without the fear of getting hopelessly lost.

When using taxis or using public transport, Google maps would be useful for street location and getting to important sites you might plan to visit. Let me tell you a story, we travelled to Malta had a car booked for the duration of the trip, when we picked up the car the lady at the counter said no Sat navs in all the cars they had. But, we were able to locate and drive around Malta and Gozo island to the different sites we visited using google maps.

Mobile Banking Apps:

Your Banking App on your phone is important for a today person. Banking apps are one of the best travel apps that allows you to track your transactions on the go. Also, you are able to carry out your business payments despite the fact you are not home based. Having a digital banking account such as Monzo and Starling banks takes this a step further as they are banks that don’t charge you fees for transactions abroad. Monzo has no charges in shops, restaurants and bars. One of the best features about using Monzo app is that it gives you alerts as you spend, so you are able to track your spending on the go.

Starling Bank the mobile app has no charges or fees for using your debit card or withdrawing from an ATM abroad. We all know that feeling after a trip and you see all the bank fees for every transaction you paid for.

Money Transfer Apps:

In today’s world, international money transfers are very important. The ability to transfer money without the hassle of going into the bank, or other methods that require you go to physical branches can be tiresome. Money transfer apps have made it very easy and safe. You can now carry out transactions in the safety of your hotels or travel homes with safe wifi connections. I think these types of apps are one of the best travel apps to have. All they require is the details of the recipient, the amount and the reasons for sending.

As a small business owner , It’s important to me that I can make payments with ease, at any point in time and from any where in the world on my device. One of my favorites is the AfriPay app, use my link if you decide to try them out, they are especially good for transfers from Europe to Africa. There are many others out there such as Worldremit. The convenience of using this types of apps for me cannot be over- emphasized.

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Transport Apps

This types of Apps are especially good for city trips or city escapes, there are many of these and they are essential apps because they help you to travel effectively. Depending on the city you plan to visit it is a good idea to research what is the popular or cheapest way to travel within the city.

In London Transport For London is the cheapest way to travel around the city. Making having an oyster card the best way to pay for travel around London when on a budget. Uber is another useful app to have when travelling. It is a good idea to have apps like these when travelling. Find out what works best in the city you plan to visit and download the app before you travel.

Others Apps

There are other apps that are really useful for travellers. Some of which are apps for entertainment, apps that help you stay connected and help you with other tasks on your phone. Technology in the form of apps have helped to make travelling less stressful and actually very pleasurable. There are so many of them, however, I have categorised them according to what I considered as most important to help getting a traveller to locations and dealing with your business while away. For me taking care of my experience and taking care of my money ranks high in choosing my essential apps.

Do leave comments below of your 5 favourite or useful apps you must have when you travel and what category they fall under.

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