5 Basic tips to grow your natural hair.

Growing Hair: 5 tips that work. Indulge me today as I talk about one of my very favourite topics. If you’ve ever spent more than an hour, talking and conversing with me, we will talk

Hair in the wind

Growing Hair: 5 tips that work.

Indulge me today as I talk about one of my very favourite topics. If you’ve ever spent more than an hour, talking and conversing with me, we will talk about hair. It is said, Hair ‘is the crowning glory of a woman‘, in my opinion for a man as well. Let’s, just say it is important to many people and how it is maintained depends on you.

I have always loved hair care all my life, hence, my decision to learn how to corn roll, pleat and add extensions to hair from an early age, ( I used to say, I wanted to learn so I could make my daughters hair lovely and pretty all the time). You would think I should have ended up a hair dresser with the level of skill I have developed over the years. How many hours do you have to spend on a skill to become an expert? I have surely crossed that number in hours spent on making my hair and my two lovely daughters I have been blessed with.

In all these years, loving hair and skilfully styling hair, I only started learning about caring for my natural hair five plus years ago, ( by natural hair I mean how my hair grows out of my scalp) You see as an African, our hair come in different levels of curls and coils. Some may be loosely curled and others tightly coiled. Our strands are a very friendly lot, with each one intertwining in an intimate relationship with others close to it. The springy nature of our hair is what makes growing it a science in its own rights. They say ’science is discovery’ and growing your hair, if you are of any African decent, is a dedicated effort to discovery, of what your hair loves or does not love. I tell you, you will know by how it feels.

Hair in twists for a quick get go no fuss hair style.

Moving on to those tips; I am positive will work for anyone;

Start with a nice trim;

 You want to grow your hair and am telling you to cut your hair, is she alright or something? you might be saying, but, there is a reason for this advice. You see, hair is not a living thing once its out of your scalp it is dead and holding on to the ends is how you get length. So, if there are any split ends, it would continue to break off from that damaged end. Hence, the importance of starting with a trim. By doing this you are starting afresh. The tips of your hair will be neatly trimmed and you can care for them better with these new tips.

Change or Identify the best tools to use:

Tools are your combs, clips, brushes and any other thing you use on your hair to either de-tangle it or to put hair in sections. You might be wondering what do these have to do with growing your hair? Your tools are very important to how your hair grows because you do not want or need, any tools that will snag or tear at your strands. Combs that are very tightly spaced should not go near your hair, so all those tiny toothed combs, out of your collection of tools,NOW! Use a wide tooth comb with wide spaced tooth to de-tangle your hair and check for any cracks or roughness on the teeth.  A good tool for your hair has to be very smooth. So, check all your tools and make sure they are fit for purpose. As your hair grows, you might find out that you prefer to de-tangle with your fingers.

A wide tooth comb, good for de-tangling and combing out your hair.

De-tangle only when conditioning;

To be specific, de-tangle with a tool only when it has conditioner in it. There is so much advantages to doing this, your hair is the softest when you have conditioner in it. So, it slides and goes smoothly through the comb and is easily de-tangled-that intertwining relationship of your strands will be easily separated for the time being. When hair is dry only finger de-tangle. DO NOT! Attempt to comb hair when dry. It is a no no! when you want to grow hair. Be gentle when using a comb and always start combing from the well-conditioned moist tips. Also, keep your hair moisturised through out the week by spraying with water and sealing that moisture with cream and oils, this depending on your hair thickness determines the type of products you will need.

Hair all wrapped up to deep condition .

Do regular deep conditioning of your Hair;

Deep conditioning is the process of putting a hair masque into your hair, then leaving it in for an extended length of time; say 30 minutes or more. This is a very important process for growing your natural hair, all hair types love this process. It is also important to use heat to help this process as the hair shaft gets lifted when you apply gentle heat on it, that way the hair is able to absorb the wonderful nutrients in the hair masque. To get the warmth needed you can, after applying the deep conditioner to your hair, put on a shower cap and seat under a steamer, if you have one or are at the hairdressers. If you have neither, you can simply wrap your hair with a towel or a head scarf just like in picture above. Your body heat will be retained by the shower cap and this gives the warmth needed for your hair to absorb the masque easier.

Me in another protective style- just leaving the hair alone

Protective Style:

By protective style I mean, do hair styles that you do not have to be in your hair every single day, a quick attention to your edges and you are good to go. So, styles like cane-rolls, plaits, box braids, twist outs etc fall under this category. As part of protective styling you should use less heat on your hair because heat, if not used carefully can cause heat damage to your strands and there is no coming back from heat damage. You just have to cut of the damaged ends , something you will want to stay clear of, if you want to grow your hair out.

These tips for me are the bedrock of growing your natural hair. There is so much out there you can use to care for your hair, a lot of patience is needed as generally most people tend to grow between half an inch to one inch of hair every month and that is just down to genetics. Over the month’s, pay close attention to your growth rate, you will notice what yours is.

However, your health also plays a very important roll in your hair growth. So eating right and making sure you are consuming all required nutrients and lots of water is essential. Now, if for some reason your hair isn’t still growing and you are taking good care of it, with good hair care practises, my advice is to go to your doctor and ask to do some tests.

I tell you a personal experience, a few years ago I noticed the hair on my crown was thinning and breaking off, I was texturised then, (story for another day). Anyway, I also was experiencing other symptoms of tiredness, fatigue and cloudiness. So, I decided to go to the doctor’s and I got a blood test and was told I was anaemic and vitamin D deficient. So off I go to google symptoms of these deficiencies and what did I find, hair lose was listed as part of them. When planning to grow your hair and techniques have been mastered and your hair care game is on. But, hair isn’t showing progress, check your health as well. Now, i do not claim to be a doctor but just out of my personal experience.

Do some more research, you tube has been a very useful tool to find out how to take care of #natural hair. If you have a good hairdresser, in the Enfield or Waltham forest area give me a shout out.

So, let me know, please leave a comment on other tips you follow to help grow your hair.

Also let me know, if you had never heard of any of these tips. Like the title reads they are pretty basic.

Let me know if you like more blogs like this. signing out #amumjournies, #natural, #naturalhaircommunity.

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